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Listening Practice: Anchoring in Your Breath

A practice that anchors you in your breath is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, no matter what is happening, your breath is always there for you. Utilize it. Let it help to ground you. Second, when you are distracted or stressed, your breathing often becomes shallow or erratic. Shallow breathing increases levels of carbon dioxide which, in turn, can increase your physical discomfort. By practicing paying attention to your breath, you become better able to breath rhythmically and deeply under all circumstances. This will help you relax and cope effectively with whatever is happening.

Try out this listening practice as a way to remind you to come back to your breath throughout your day. It will help you get in the helpful habit of taking a few minutes - even one minute - several times a day, to pause and take a few easy, deep breaths. A simple daily practice of intentional breathing can have transformative effects.

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