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The Practice of Belonging: Six Lessons from Vibrant Communities to Combat Loneliness, Foster Diversity, and Cultivate Caring Relationships


An inspirational guide to the 6 core qualities of healthy communities, for anyone looking to build community as a source of connection and a vehicle for social change

After two years meeting with different communities in the US, psychologist Lisa Kentgen identified 6 key traits of vibrant, healthy communities that we can all apply to our own lives and networks:

  • Commitment to care

  • Acceptance

  • Diversity

  • Skillful conflict resolution

  • Bonding rituals

  • Hospitality

Each chapter focuses on one of these traits, highlighting a particular community as a case study of how it can be put into practice. You’ll learn about a wide range of successful community models, including a tiny-home village for people who had been chronically houseless in Austin, Texas; a study circle to build connection between Native and non-Native people in a small town in South Dakota; a 500-member community choir in Columbus, Ohio; and a Buddhist center in Barre, Massachusetts committed to bringing greater diversity to the Dharma.

Praise for The Practice of Belonging:

The Practice of Belonging offers a first-of-its-kind road map to build cultures of belonging, inclusion, and support so that we thrive.


— Bethany Klynn, organizational psychologist and president of Insight Leadership Consulting


There is a quiet and essentially unreported movement occurring in our local places, and this book and the way it is written hasten this along.

— Peter Block, author of Community


An Intentional Life:

Five Foundations of Authenticity and Purpose


This inspirational book approaches the question of how to live most authentically in ways both

pragmatic and deep. An Intentional Life lays out a transformational path traveled by practicing

intention in five foundational areas: Awareness, Reflecting, Choosing, Acting, and Allowing. By

developing these practices in intention, you can create powerful tools for shaping a life of purpose!

Praise for An Intentional Life:



Lisa Kentgen has written a profoundly practical book. Those who follow the guidance she offers are highly likely to experience untold benefits.


— Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

LISA KENTGEN, PH.D. An Intentional Life
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