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Lisa Kentgen is a psychologist with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has worked as an educator and clinician for over three decades. She has served on faculty at Columbia University Teachers College and as clinical director within a research center for childhood mood and anxiety disorders at New York State Psychiatric Institute. She is the author of two books and numerous scientific articles. Her scientific interests have included topics such as the development of conscious awareness, the biological correlates of depression and anxiety, identifying mental health needs of children, and communal models of health and well-being. 


Her most recent book, The Practice of Belonging: Six Lessons from Vibrant Communities to Combat Loneliness, Foster Diversity, and Cultivate Caring Relationships, will be released in April of 2023 by North Atlantic Books. The book has been endorsed by recognized leaders in community development as “making the world we want to inhabit accessible to us” (Peter Block) and for giving us “hope for the possibility of communities that aren’t only just but are also delightful” (Sandhya Jha).


After spending most of her adult life in Brooklyn, New York, Kentgen now lives in the Pacific Northwest. She focuses on sharing and supporting the quiet and often unreported local movements of community, justice, and belonging.

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