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Opening to Desire

When we judge or push away our desires, we miss an opportunity to know ourselves better. In fact, denying our desires can also be a trap. For example, some of the fundamentalist religions which focus primarily on sin and judgment create a desire trap if they create mistaken beliefs that denying desires makes their followers more worthy or chosen in the eyes of God.

Can you relate to your desires by, first, coming to understand them better?

Allowing room for your desires, with an intention to understand them and their impact on you, leads to a greater understanding of yourself.

You don't need to act on a desire in order to open up to it.

Of course it's OK to put energy toward pursuing desires as long as you see them for what they are. Can you become aware when too many of your resources are going toward their fulfillment? When this happens you could be thwarting your well-being and aspirations. When you live intentionally, desires don't become confused with what makes you happy.

Through opening to your desires, you can better understand when a desire can actually serve your highest interests and deep happiness. For example, the desire to feel free, the desire to love and be loved, the desire to be generous, the desire to make a positive difference in the world. With practice you can also move toward these desires in a way that comes from a place of abundance and enriches you.

begin to more desire what leads to lasting happiness.

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