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An Invitation

Welcome to the blog, An Intentional Life. It is dedicated to developing intentional practices for living in order to experience greater authenticity.

The entries are intended to serve as an aid to traveling within – to your interior – and to access states of greater openness and engagement. Learning to shape these states help create a life where what matters most to you is front and center. This is the bedrock of a purposeful life.

Shaping a life of greater purpose is the foundation of deep happiness and individual transformation – as well as the transformation that is needed in the world.

Intention is practiced in five core areas of life - awareness, reflecting, choosing, acting, and allowing experience to unfold.

As you become more skillful in consciously placing your awareness, in reflecting in ways that serve your most authentic self, in expanding your capacity to choose and act wisely and effectively, and in allowing experience to unfold without impeding it – you have developed powerful tools for living meaningfully.

These tools will make an indelible print on your life and on the lives of those you encounter.

Accept the invitation to read and test out the practices for yourself. Use what resonates. Share with others what you find helpful. Create your own intentional practices. Find your own unique ways to support your efforts to live authentically. Create your own intentional community. Discover the abundance that is here right now, available for you to access.


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